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  • web_giveaways_2014_june_lego_friends_v2.jpg

    Win LEGO Friends Brickmaster

    5 to give away!

    Oh joy! A LEGO horse, a puppy, a tiny kitten… Time to meet the LEGO four-legged friends. Enter here to win LEGO Friends Brickmaster

  • web_giveaways_2014_june_lego_chima_v2.jpg

    Win LEGO Chima Keyring

    20 to give away!

    Fantasy first reading. Battles. Magic. Power. Yes: it’s the all-out quest we’ve all been waiting for. Our heroes at LEGO have triumphed again. Follow Laval the lion and his band of mighty Chima heroes on a mission across the magical land of Chima. Enter here to win a LEGO Chima Keyring.

  • web_giveaways_2014_june_pepper.jpg

    Win Peppa Pig bundle of books

    5 to give away!

    World Cup Peppa! A sport to rival puddle-jumping. And you can win a shiny gold cup. Enter here to win Peppa Pig bundle of books.

  • web_giveaways_2014_june_dragon_2_1401888813.jpg

    Win How to Train Your Dragon goodies plus dvd of first film

    5 to give away!

    Our Viking hero has conquered Hollywood again! No cure: this Hiccup is unstoppable. Get set for movie magic as your favourite wimpy warrior tells his film story – all in colour pics. Enter here to win How to Train Your Dragon goodies plus a dvd of the first film.

  • web_giveaways_2014_june_kipper.jpg

    Win signed copies of the gold anniversary edition

    5 to give away!

    25 years of being charmed by Kipper and his toys, and we’re not bored yet. Truly timeless. Enter here to win signed copies of the gold anniversary edition of Kipper.

  • web_giveaways_2014_june_dorky_diaries.jpg

    Win a Dork Diaries goodie bag

    1 to give away!

    It’s the Wimp meets The Voice! Our favourite dork is on reality TV recording a hit song. Big laughs, cringey moments: it sounds sweet. Do you love music, TV and Nikki Maxwell? Here’s a match made in heaven. Enter here to win a Dork Diaries goodie bag.