Alfie All Alone

Evie is overjoyed when she is given her very own puppy, Alfie. Alfie adores Evie – he loves to be cuddled, sleeps on her bed and welcomes her home from school every day with a wag of his tail. But it’s not long before another member of the family arrives: Evie’s brand new baby brother, Sam. Suddenly no-one has much time to look after Alfie, let alone play with him and take him for walks. Soon poor Alfie finds himself unwanted. Will he be all alone for ever?

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  • loved it

    loved it it was the best book ever

    7 September 2013

  • loved it

    it’s so heart warming i think it’s so sweet Holly Webb is my all time favorite i really loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24 April 2012

  • poor alife iwant this book

    15 April 2012

  • liked it

    it was okay not the best book ever :) xx

    24 January 2011

  • loved it

    This book is defiantly the best book ever. It is written by Holly web who is my all time fave’ author! Its about a girl who gets a puppy and a little brother at the same time. She plays with her brother mostly and the puppy feels left out. 5 STARS!!!!

    25 October 2010

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