Janey Louise Jones

Janey Louise Jones is the author of the beautiful pink Princess Poppy books!

Interview with Janey Louise Jones

Princess Poppy: Friends Together

Janey Louise Jones fell in love with reading when she was very young, and adored listening to her mother reading traditional fairy stories like Cinderella and Snow White. Her love of ballet meant she was fascinated by the stories behind Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, and reading Noel Streatfield’s classic story Ballet Shoes. With her rural upbringing she loved immersing herself in James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small series. She was a voracious reader and remembers moving on to novels designed for adults when she was a young teenager.

Janey is still a little girl at heart and strongly believes in fairies and that dreams can come true. She’d love to live where Poppy lives in Honeypot Hill, where’s there’s time for making things and having fun. Some of the stories she writes are inspired by her own childhood and others by experiences she’s had as a mother. When she was little Janey used to make petal perfume for her mother, help her sister with her pony and dress up, and so these are the things Poppy and her friend Honey do together.

After going to school in Edinburgh, Janey studied English at Edinburgh University, specialising in the Victorian novel. She considered a career in journalism, but after a stint of work experience at a newspaper decided that she’s rather become a teacher. She loved everything about teaching from the preparation through to working with children in the classroom. She very much enjoys visiting schools now and talking to children to find out what they like doing and what makes them laugh, and finds her teacher training background comes in useful.

Janey has three sons, and she and her husband look after them together. She writes in the family kitchen, whilst the boys are at school and again in the evening once they’re in bed, and looks out to the garden to watch the birds and squirrels. Janey reads aloud to the boys as she wants them to find the same pleasure in books as she had.

By Janey Louise Jones

  • Princess Poppy: Friends Together

    Princess Poppy: Friends Together