Video: Reviewing Marge in Charge

19 May 2017

It’s week 4 of our #keepreading campaign and today we’re reviewing Marge in Charge by Isla Fisher!

Eva and Isla are best friends and they read Marge in Charge together. Watch the video below now to see them talk about why they loved this set of three laugh-out-loud stories so much.

Marge is a babysitter like no other, whipping up magical mayhem – and chocolate soup for lunch! You probably think you’re too old for babysitters. But here’s the deal: no one’s too old for Marge. (Never, ever tell your parents how much fun she is, or they’ll want to hang out with her too.) Marge has hair all the colours of a rainbow, and she’s all about making you laugh and bending the rules! At school, Marge conducts a crazy playground concert. In the kitchen, she cooks up a yummy chocolate soup. How much fun can YOU have with Marge before Mum and Dad get home?

Marge in Charge