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If you’re a Glee fan, stand up and be counted! An all-singing, all-dancing sensation, Glee is the hottest TV show of the year! So get all the gossip, profiles, chat, scandals, rumours and romances on the would-be shining stars, and their amazing mission to make their school choir cool! Will our hopeful misfits make it? Or will their dreams end in tatters? The perfect guide to the cynical, sweet and downright addictive TV show, this companion book is packed with behind-the-scenes facts, on-set talk, character profiles and full colour photos. It’s a must-read for all you Gleeks!

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  • i like the film and the book.

    17 October 2013

  • i love this so much

    6 March 2012

  • This book is perfect for Glee fans who want to know all about the characters and the stars who play them. I’m a real gleek so this was perfect for me, and plus you get a free poster with it!

    2 March 2012

  • I love glee and the glee project so this book should be good !!!

    18 August 2011

  • i think that glee is sooooo coooool and i would loveeeee to read this book!!!!!

    21 July 2011

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