Seriously Silly Scary Fairy Tales: Ghostyshocks and the Three Mummies

Fairyland meets Scaryland! What happens when your favourite fairytale friends meet your favourite monsters? Find out in this new series of very twisted fairy tales from top author Laurence Anholt. (He’s won the Smarties Gold Award TWICE.) They’re packed with laughs, shocks and cheeky cartoons. But don’t be frightened – the main thing to be scared of is laughing much too hard! In this story, the naughty Goldilocks you know and sort-of-love has become Ghostyshocks. She wears a cool safari hat, and that’s not all – she’s ginger! But where are those angry bears? That’s funny: they seem to have turned into mummies…

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  • Awards

    Laurence Anholt was won the Nestle Smarties prize twice, for Chimp and Zee and Seriously Silly Stories: Snow White and the Seven Aliens.

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