The Bookshop Girl

What’s it like to live in a marvellous magical bookshop? Imagine Harry Potter with more laughs and more books. What’s not to love? Property Jones doesn’t live in a house, or a flat, or even a hotel. She lives in a bookshop! She was left in its lost property cupboard when she was five years old. (That’s how she got her odd name.) But – pssst! Although Property loves all the books, she has a whopper of a secret: she can’t read! Then her family win a HUGE raffle prize. Nothing less than the world’s biggest, most wondrous bookshop: the Montgomery Book Emporium! Soon Property steps into a world of fabulous books, scheming villains, a grumpy cat – and a whole heap of magic! Get the full story in this heartwarming book; a total must-read. (If only Property could read it!)

  • New from the bestselling author of Erica’s Elephant
  • Enchanting and magical with a lovely bookshop setting
  • Sylvia Bishop is half of comedy duo Peablossom Cabaret
  • She received huge acclaim for her charming first book


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  • RRP £5.99
  • Club price £3.99
  • Saving £2.00

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