Dork Diaries #2: Party Time

Second in the fabulously funny series. The female Wimpy Kid turns the cringe-o-meter up to Max-well. And makes you LOL like a nutter at the exact same time. Things are finally looking up for Nikki. She’s made some real friends at school – and now her major crush, Brandon, wants her to be his science lab partner. Hello! Seriously awesome development! What’s more, the Halloween dance is coming up. Nikki hopes she might land Brandon as her dance partner too. But is that ever gonna happen with mean girl MacKenzie around?

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  • loved it

    This book was a great book because Mimi Maxwell’s crush asked for a dance at the party she was running and was also helping with the nursery party and then she had to multi task and it was so funny.

    24 July 2021

  • loved it

    I could read this book ten thousand times

    11 September 2015

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    Dork Diaries: Skating Sensation won the 2013 Children’s Choice Award in the US.

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