Daisy and the Trouble with Piggybanks

They have flowers on their bums and money in their tums. What’s not to like? Ask Daisy! This trouble magnet has seen something she really, really wants. A water-squirting micro scooter. It’s even better than a royal tree house palace. Daisy simply has to have one. But that means (yikes) saving up. Bring on the piggy banks. They look so cute, with their curly tails and pretty painted snouts. So what’s wrong? Where should we start? They smash. They won’t fill up. They mysteriously empty. Plus, if your name is Daisy, they get you into very funny trouble. Ha ha!

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  • Animal Magic

    Can you help Daisy to work out what these different animals are?

    Download Animal Magic
  • Colour in Daisy

    Can you colour in this picture of Daisy and her mum?

    Download Colour in Daisy
  • Daisy Maze

    Daisy is lost in the middle of a maze! Can you help her escape?

    Download Daisy Maze

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  • Awards

    Kes Gray has won the Lollies for Oi Dog!, the Red House Children’s Book Award for Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos, Eat Your Peas and Billy’s Bucket.

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