Gold Medal Me

A cuddly picture book with your own gold medal to keep. You’re the winner in this cute sports story! Do you love sports day? Do you love winning? So does this little tiger – and if you ask us, he deserves a gold medal for cuteness. Toby the tiger (that’s our orange furry buddy) can’t wait for Sports Day. He loves sport! Even better, Miss Meadow has a whole table of gold medals to give out. But when Toby doesn’t win any races, how will he get a medal? Luckily, his teacher knows it’s taking part that counts… A sweetie-pie story for budding Olympic stars – and for the rest of us.

  • Includes a shiny gold medal – perfect for playtimes
  • Encourages children to keep fit and enjoy sports
  • Sweet tale about being happy with your best efforts
  • Adorable cuddly pictures by Vicki Gausden

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