Snow Like Ashes

A book of ravishing beauty, set in an icy winter wilderness. White world. Dark arts. Sixteen years ago the Kingdom of Winter was conquered. Today it remains enslaved. Its only hope for freedom lies in eight survivors who managed to escape. Enter Meira: a refugee orphaned by the war. A trainee warrior, she’d do anything to help Winter rise to power again. Not only because she’s secretly in love with the future king… An epic quest. A secret destiny. Dark magic. Deadly intrigue. This is a teen Game of Thrones bursting with wintry suspense, and we love it like our own lives.

  • A striking fantasy tale of dark magic, love and destiny
  • Beautiful, elegant writing that really tugs readers in
  • Fantastic reviews from the press and other authors
  • “An enjoyable adventure-romance” – Publishers Weekly

This book contains mature content.

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