All reviews for Matilda

  1. liked it

    A great book about a girl who has powers she doesn’t even know she could use.

    20 October 2020

  2. loved it

    I love the book because it has so much imagination,and i love the part in which Matilda finds out she has magical powers and the the my top 4 characters that I think are sweet and kind are .Miss Honey .Lavender .

    20 February 2020

  3. loved it

    i even have the dvd

    13 October 2018

  4. loved it

    This book is brilliant! No wonder he gets celebrated as the best children’s author in the world ! I would rate it 100/10 if it was possible !

    10 April 2018

  5. loved it

    I love this book!! Matilda is like a friend to me now since I’m a bookworm too.

    7 March 2018