Reading Ladder Level 1: Shout, Show and Tell!

Part of a fantastic series that gets young readers reaching higher. Want to be on top? Climb the Reading Ladder! Sean is always shouting and rushing about. But when he gets stuck in a cupboard with Miss Green, his loud voice comes in handy! No-one’s taking any notice of Daisy today – until her wobbly tooth falls out. As for Lily, she feels sad. Her mum and dad don’t live together any more and everything’s different. But when she draws a wonderful book, she feels much better…

  • A full-colour storybook for newly emergent readers
  • Heartwarming first reading illustrated by Lydia Monks
  • Part of a popular series designed to build early literacy
  • Colourful pictures, short sentences and easy vocabulary

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  • Awards

    Lydia Monks won the Nestle Smarties prize in 1999 for I Wish I Were a Dog, and the 2010 Royal Mail Award for What the Ladybird Heard, with Julia Donaldson.

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