LEGO® NEXO Knights™: Fright Knight!

We’re all scared of something. Ghosts, spiders, fire – you name it. What’s your secret fear? The Book of Fear already knows! Now the people of Spittoon – once the toughest town in Knighton – are freaking out at their own shadows. What could cause such terror? The super-scary Book of Fear has gotten loose! Uh-oh. The Nexo Knights must find it. The trouble is, horrible Jestro is a few pages ahead of them. He’s used the Book of Fear to summon a monster who’ll give you nightmares! Or should that be knightmares? Yikes!

  • Exciting chapter book from the Nexo Knights™ world
  • 80 pages of action-packed drama told in simple text
  • Great way to build reading confidence and fluency
  • Knightly battles in a thrilling futuristic world

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