All reviews for Feeling Sorry for Celia

  1. i want to read this book so badly i love books which makes me cry and i have a feeling this is the one which would do that so ill seed if i could buy it or find the book in a local library

    30 June 2014

  2. liked it

    It was a really good book! The only thing that made me make it 4 star is because it made me cry and never put it down, even it the toilet. And I got in big trouble for that. But overall I LOVEEEEE IT!

    29 September 2010

  3. Hey!!!! Over here!! This review is good!!!! Feeling sorry for Celia is very cleverly told through the art of notes, emails, postcards and letters. You learn loads without actually reading speech or thoughts from the characters. You start to work out who Elizabeth should be friends with towards the end…It’s not good to lose a friend like her! That’s why I’m feeling…sorry for Celia.

    29 March 2010