Vlog It! The Yearbook

One year. Tons of vlog inspiration! From season to season – all the stars, vids and trends making it BIG. See what they do. Then do it better! September: back to school. Fix up a smart breakfast like Bethany Mota, or wise up with brainiac bloggers like Physics Girl. October = HALLOWEEN! Try silly games inspired by Zoella and ThatcherJoe, or write your own spooky film script using the fun prompts in here. November? Let’s focus on gaming with Stampy and the Yogscast. Next comes Christmas! What’s on your vlogging wish list? A whole year of cool examples, quotes, creative ideas, photos, fill-ins and festivals with your favourite vlogging stars.

  • Fabulous full-colour yearbook with all the biggest names
  • Scrapbook pages, fill-ins, activities and vlogging ideas
  • Season-by-season inspiration to help you get creative
  • All the top vlogging heroes, plus up-and-coming stars

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