Dinosaurs Don't Have Bedtimes!

YES to dinos! NO to bedtimes! If you feel the same, laugh along with the boy in this book. (Then sleep tight.) Meet a little boy who’s not a boy – he’s a dinosaur! ROAR! The trouble is, nobody told his mum. She thinks Mo is a human boy, and she keeps trying to get him ready for bed. Suppertime? Dinosaurs don’t eat supper! Tidy-up time? Dinosaurs love mess! Bath time? No thanks! This little dino would rather roll around in muddy swamps. Dinosaurs don’t have to drink their milk, put on their pyjamas or brush their teeth. But do dinosaurs ever get sleepy? And will Mo ever get to bed? YAWN

  • Hilarious and original tale full of lively make-believe
  • Bestselling author of Dinosaurs in My School and Soon
  • Boisterous, action-packed story with a calming ending
  • Great way to explore each step of the bedtime routine

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