The Potion Diaries #2: Royal Tour

In the first Potion Diaries book, Princess Evelyn had a right royal problem. She’d fallen in love with herself. Oh dear. But then Evelyn met Sam Kemi – BBF to die for – and realised (smart girl) that loving her was a much better idea. Not only has plucky Sam just saved the princess. Now she’s on a mission to save her sick grandpa – and the whole rest of the world. In an epic quest that involves a priceless potion, deadly enemies, dragons, caves and centaurs. All on live TV. Who wouldn’t love a friend like this? Our tip: if you spot Sam on her travels, she’s a buddy you won’t find just any old where. Heart her, fight evil with her and look after her!

  • The Hunger Games meets The Princess Diaries in this magical quest
  • A fairytale mission with a modern twist, screened on reality TV
  • Friendship, romance, dragons, potions: this plot has everything
  • “Inventive, romantic and downright delightful” – Sarah J Mass

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