Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie on Patrol

Some people follow the crowd. But Winnie likes leading the pack, whether she’s on patrol as a lollipop lady or racing ahead in a fun run. That’s right: she’s taking charge! But let’s not forget that where Winnie is concerned, things are bound to go wrong. So when Winnie sets off in the local charity race, her trainers turn out to have a mind of their own. Who’s in charge now, Winnie? And things get even worse when she’s bossed around by some magical furniture, and startled by a real-life zebra crossing the road!

  • Four easy-read stories from this bestselling series
  • Perfect for growing fans of Winnie’s picture books
  • Exuberant black-and-white artwork by Korky Paul
  • Great for solo reading or as shared bedtime stories

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  • Awards

    Korky has won the Red House Children’s Book award for Winnie the Witch and The Rascally Cake.

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