My Family and Other Ghosts

Ten-year-old twins Ivy and Ash have never met their Grandpa Digby. In fact, they never thought they would meet him. He’s dead, after all! But when his ghost pops in to visit them on a dark and stormy night, he makes a surprise announcement. It seems they have a home in Darkmoor (VERY different to Dartmoor), and Digby wants them to come and run it as a hotel. Ivy and Ash think it’s a dead good idea! So they persuade their dad, an ‘experimental’ chef, to move to crumbling Grave Grange. There’s no need to mention that it’s very haunted, right? But as the kids try to run their ramshackle haunted hotel, spooky chaos breaks out!

  • A hilarious story of family, friendship – and ghosts!
  • By the author of Princess DisGrace and Shrinking Violet
  • Wonderful fun in the grand tradition of Eva Ibbotson
  • A warmhearted story ideal for fans of Kate Saunders
  • Lou Kuenzler herself grew up on a Devon sheep farm

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  • Photo of Lou Kuenzler

    Lou Kuenzler

    Lou Kuenzler was brought up on Dartmoor and moved to Northern Ireland to study theatre. She went on to work as a theatre director, drama lecturer and workshop leader. Lou now lives in London with her husband and their two children. @LouKuenzler

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