Secret Princesses Pack x 4

It’s by the author of Secret Kingdom and it’s all about royal best friends, with a twinking of magic and a dash of adventure. A dream come true, basically! Charlotte and Mia live far apart, but they’re as close as can be. Why? Thanks to their magical necklaces! They each have a special necklace that whisks them away to Wishing Star Palace, where they go on missions with the Secret Princesses. These magical princesses make wishes come true. Best of all, Charlotte and Mia are training to join them. There is an obstacle: mean Princess Poison. But she’s reckoned without the power of true best friends!

  • A dreamy new series by the author of Secret Kingdom
  • Magical stories of wishes, adventure and friendship
  • Set in the enchanted world of Wishing Star Palace
  • Gorgeous choice for older fans of Secret Kingdom

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  • loved it

    I love secret princess books, they’re just so magical. Especially the ruby collection

    6 November 2022

  • This is best book I have ever read loved it

    19 September 2022

  • loved it

    Love it so much!

    27 December 2020

  • liked it

    i love secret princesses puppy magic and it’s superb

    31 October 2020

  • liked it

    Secret princesses puppy magic is really good if you like animals as well ( especially dogs). The pack of 4 is even better. I hope you enjoy it

    31 July 2019

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