Descendants 2: Book of the Film

The bad guys are back! But so are the sort-of good guys. Now it’s time for Mal to choose which side she’s on. She’s done well to make a fresh start in Auradon. But now the pressure of being perfect is getting a bit much. So Mal decides to return to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost. But forget about sweet homecomings! On arrival, Mal finds that Uma – her bitter rival – has set herself up as queen. And that’s just the start. Along with her pirate gang, Uma wants to set free all of the island’s villains. What should Mal do now?

  • The full-length novel of the exciting Disney movie
  • Includes eight pages of colour photos from the film
  • Features all the key Descendants heroes and villains
  • A bewitching story of good, evil and big choices

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    I have seen the movie and cannot wait to read the book!

    24 May 2018

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