A Lamb Called Lucky

The book to read if you dream of feeding baby lambs from a bottle! A springtime story that’s as uplifting and refreshing as an actual trip to the farm, or a walk in the woods. Jasmine is a little girl who lives on a farm. Now it’s spring, and she has her hands full with two orphaned baby birds to care for. Totally adorable! And when a motherless baby lamb comes her way, Jasmine knows it’s up to her to save him. But while cute little Lucky grabs her attention, there are bigger dangers facing the whole flock of sheep: ones that come in the dead of night…

  • The fifth charming animal story set on Jasmine’s farm
  • Helen Peters is Dick King-Smith for a new generation
  • She has been shortlisted for the Waterstones Book Prize
  • Her other gorgeous books include A Piglet Called Truffle

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