A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV Editions) #3: The Wide Window

Forget happy endings. From the bad beginning to the foul final page, there’s nothing but darkness in store! Devastated by the death of Uncle Monty, the Baudelaire orphans set forth to begin a new life with their latest guardian, Aunt Josephine, in a house on the edge of a gloomy lake. But as always, Count Olaf is just one step behind them, disguised as charming old sea-dog Captain Sham. Prepare for a hurricane, a signalling device, hungry leeches, cold cucumber soup, a horrible villain and a creepy doll named Pretty Penny!

  • Third in Lemony Snicket’s darkly funny series
  • Now a new TV show starring Malina Weissman
  • Bestselling series with over 65 million copies sold
  • A true cult classic – comical, gothic and clever

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