Zach King #2: The Magical Mix-Up

Zach King is back! Okay, he’s still missing his magical powers. But he has a lot of other stuff going for him, like his crazily popular YouTube channel. All the same, Zach’s really upset when he finds out that the annoying new Australian kid, Hogan, has asked his crush Rachel to the school dance. Grrrr! But it turns out that sneaky Hogan has only asked Rachel out to make fun of her and wreck her chances of becoming class president. Zach and his best friend Aaron have to stop Hogan. But to stand a chance, they need to get Zach’s magical powers back…

  • The second cool graphic novel by YouTube star Zach
  • Bursting with action, magic and full-colour artwork
  • Zach’s weekly videos each get over 27 million views
  • His modern brand of magic is an inspiration for kids

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