Scholastic Classics: Oliver Twist

He’s a poor kid caught up in a gang. He wants out – but how? A classic that speaks out loud to our times. Oliver Twist has suffered every rotten stroke of luck you can imagine. Born in the workhouse. Orphaned at birth. Raised in a grotty children’s home. Now, aged nine, he’s been sent to an adult workhouse where he must slave all day for tiny rations of gruel. It sounds bad enough already. But when Oliver makes the mistake of asking nasty Mr Bumble for more food, he’s chased onto the mean streets of London. Taken under the wing of a vicious gang of thieves, he’s soon in the worst trouble of his life…

  • The classic story of an orphan boy in Victorian London
  • Probably Charles Dicken’s best-loved, best-known tale
  • A thrilling, thought-provoking, deeply satisfying read
  • Powerful themes of survival and growing up in poverty

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