All reviews for My Mum Tracy Beaker

  1. loved it

    i love this book Justine came back she not nice my favourite character is tracy and this is a great read

    16 February 2021

  2. loved it

    hi, I am new to this website and I am wondering how you can read free books? if you know please can you tell me?

    29 November 2020

  3. So good and interesting Justine Littlewood is not nice and boasts that she has everything she wants

    15 December 2019

  4. loved it

    This was a great book! Jacqueline really hits the eye this time, she did so well! The best part was that as soon as I read about Jess’s personality, I really found that she was really relatable! Keep on keepin’ on Jacqueline!

    15 December 2018