All reviews for The Trials of Apollo #3: The Burning Maze

  1. not for me

    Okay…. How shall we start? First of all, I’m American so don’t criticize how I speak. Second of all, I spent a long time staring at the cover because it was NOT like I was used to.

    WARNING: Small spoilers ahead.

    The Burning Maze wasn’t that good. The plot was too simple, there was hardly any twists, and Apollo and Meg survived just because of luck. And I also should mention that Piper and Jason held no appeal in this book. They helped Apollo, saved the day, died, saved the day again, etc. Also, the other villains in the series had a connection with either Apollo or Meg. Nero proved himself the master of manipulation and he had a creepy goal to get Meg back on his side. Because of that, he kinda turned into the most feared villain in the series. Commodus held a connection with Apollo and I have to admit, he was just naturally funny and had an obsession with spectacle (pun intended). But Caligula just resembled those villains who are evil for the sake of being evil, you know? He wasn’t too scary, wasn’t any fun, and was overall BORING. Maybe I don’t like it also because of how RR settled Piper and Jason. In the second book we already know that Leo was with Calypso and settling in Indianapolis, but the way RR settled Piper and Jason wasn’t as happy. By the end of the book one was dead and the other was going somewhere else because their family’s reputation was destroyed. Also, I think RR could have made the Aeithales-in-danger thing better, because over the course of the book Incantitus and Caligula never attacked Aeithales again. This book wasn’t for me, but who knows? It may become your new favorite book.

    19 August 2020