Unicorn and the Rainbow Snow

Winter magic! The book to read if you dream of throwing rainbow-coloured snowballs. In the little town of Happyville, the sky is always blue. It’s a place where people smile and all your dreams come true. So when a snow cloud appears in Happyville, the townsfolk are worried. Snow? In their town? Why, they’ve never seen such a thing! Luckily, Unicorn (you know, the one with the famous rainbow poop) is coming to the rescue. She wants to show them that snow is beautiful, and it’s loads of fun too! And – who knows! Maybe Unicorn has a secret plan to turn the snow into rainbow snow…

  • A wonderfully wintry celebration of fun and friendship
  • Sequel to the hit story Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop
  • Bouncy rhyming text full of familiar fairytale friends
  • Blissfully bright artwork and a magical unicorn theme

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