Charlie Turns into a T-Rex

Uh-oh. Don’t upset Charlie. If he gets anxious – oh dear! Every time he gets stressed, he turns into some kind of critter. Changing into a chicken was bad. But turning into a T-Rex would be – CHOMP ! The bad news is, Charlie has plenty of worries just now. His dad’s business is in trouble, which means Charlie might have to move in with his Aunt Brenda and her seventeen cats and wooden leg. Plus, it’s getting ever harder to control his powers. But if Charlie and his friends can break into the fortress-like offices of Van Der Gruyne Industries and get back the McGuffins’ stolen gold, maybe Charlie won’t have to move away (or turn into a dinosaur) after all…

  • Second in a funny and heartfelt series about Charlie
  • Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and David Walliams
  • A totally loveable series that’s winning huge acclaim
  • Explores mental health and anxiety in a gentle way

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  • Awards

    Sarah Horne was won the Surrey Libraries and Dundee Children’s Book Awards for illustration.

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