Horrible Science Handbooks: Beastly Body Experiments

A horrible handbook stuffed with yucky experiments to make your skin crawl. Pop an eyeball! Create a sickening sneeze! Make a shrunken head! You probably thought biology was boring, but no! Learning about your beastly body is sickening fun! What’s more, it’s all in foul full colour too.

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    not for me

    6 August 2008

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    Nick Arnold

    Nick Arnold has been writing for Scholastic for ten years, clocking up over 20 titles in the HORRIBLE SCIENCE series. Nick lives in Devon.


    Nick Arnold has won three Aventis Science Prizes for the Horrible Science series, for Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Ugly Bugs and Really Rotten Experiments, and won the 2013 Best Book with Facts at the Blue Peter Book Awards.

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