All reviews for Mark Spark in the Dark

  1. liked it

    I like the fact its interesting and love the chareters.

    4 July 2016

  2. its good

    8 March 2014

  3. Really good. It tells the story about how you can stand up to your fears if you want to.

    8 March 2014

  4. Really Good!

    7 March 2013

  5. its a good book

    7 March 2013

  6. liked it

    I read this when I was younger. A good book.

    6 March 2013

  7. loved it

    I’ve Read this book.. it’s a bit babyish.. i read it once when my younger sister borrowed it from a mate of hers…Lolzz

    5 October 2011

  8. loved it


    16 March 2011