The Enormous Crocodile Picture Book

A stunning picture book version of Roald Dahl’s hilarious classic, filled with full-size plates of Quentin Blake’s mouthwatering artwork. The Enormous Crocodile is a greedy, grumptious brute who dreams of guzzling up juicy little boys and girls. He’s a terrible boaster and very proud of his cunning plans and clever tricks, like disguising himself as a seesaw for careless little children to sit on. Crunch! But the other jungle animals have had enough of this foul fiend’s horrid schemes – so they devise a plan to get rid of him, once and for all! Blending tongue-in-cheek humour with a moral message, this classic favourite is Roald Dahl at his very funniest and finest!

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  • loved it

    In this book I love the ‘clever tricks’ the enormas crocodile uses to try and get at the children

    5 March 2013

  • I enjoyed reading this when I was little I enoyed reading about the nasty crocodile and the angry jungle animals , a good book for young children

    5 March 2013

  • loved it

    its ssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo cool

    6 March 2011

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