All reviews for Molly Moon, Micky Minus and the Mind Machine

  1. I can’t believe she has a twin. I love Molly and all the other characters. This is another book filled with excitment and adventure.

    5 March 2014

  2. liked it

    The Molly Moon books are really good, I like they way she uses Hypnotism and all the crazy adventures she go on. A really good page turner, I recommend it to everyone.

    5 March 2013

  3. I like the look of it, I think it’s gonna be really good

    2 November 2012

  4. loved it

    Just an amazing book!

    11 August 2011

  5. loved it

    This book is one of my faves!!!!!! I asked for it two years ago for christmas and I have read it about 45 times it took me 3 hours to read it as I couldn’t put this book down. my best bit was when well I have about 5 great bits one of them was when molly used meditation to get her powers back. Another is fang gets cow dung all over her :)

    9 August 2010