All reviews for The Bed and Breakfast Star

  1. The jokes are so funny here is one of them hi I am Elsa you better like my name of Elsa’ll won’t be happy

    21 November 2019

  2. loved it

    I just loved the book I think even though elsa has a tough time she always was trying to lighten the atmosphere with her jokes

    13 June 2015

  3. loved it

    I think Elsa is one of the cheeriest, kindest kids I’ve ever read about. She has a such tough time too. Her mom is sooo depressed since they moved into some gross bed & brreakfast dump and her stepdad is a bit of a scary nightmare. She tries cheering people up by telling these awfully corny jokes, but I LOVED THE JOKES!

    26 February 2015

  4. loved it

    Unbelievable book! I would recommend it to eneybody who has a really good imagination.I liked the book because it is really like real life when u are reading it it is all described so well all Jacqueline Wilson’s books are about real life and that’s why her books are so good!

    24 July 2014

  5. loved it

    great book i loved it

    17 March 2014

  6. I am still reading this book But so far it is fantastic !!!!! Its a very humerous read .

    12 March 2014

  7. Absolutely hilarious. It is a very heart warming read!

    9 March 2014

  8. a very good book, Elsa is a funny kid and VERY enegetic!

    9 March 2014

  9. This is a great book. I fully recommend this

    9 March 2014

  10. liked it

    Elsa loves joking around but nobody’s smiling anymore not until they lost their lovely house and came to live in a cringe Bed and Breakfast hotel. When a tragic event occurs it’s Elsa’s chance to be a real star…..

    8 March 2014