303 Pets Triple CD-ROM Pack

Choose from 101 cute kittens, 101 perfect ponies or 101 bouncy bunnies to adopt. Can’t choose? Adopt them all! This super CD-ROM for pet lovers lets your computer become a home for 303 adorable fluffy friends of all breeds and sizes. Whether you want to teach your bunny to do a magic trick, watch your kitten pounce and play, or create your very own perfect pony, just pick your pet and a 3D environment. There are all sorts of clever tricks and fun things to teach your pets, and you can reward them with a treat after each trick! Whichever pet you choose, one thing is for sure: with so many fluffy friends to pamper and play with, you’ll never be bored or lonely!

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    this cd looks really great someone should tell me if it is, though it probably will be. i cant wait too play this cute little game if i get it.303 breeds to choose from seems wonderful!

    18 September 2008

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