All reviews for Vicky Angel

  1. it got boring at the end

    1 April 2011

  2. okay

    A Bit unrealistic but good!

    3 March 2011

  3. okay

    Not the best book i have read it could have been better, and most of the time i enjoy Jacqueline Wilson Novels alot but this one only had Vicky coming up as and Angel to talk to her which i found quite boring and irritating. Not my fave book in the world a bit sad.

    23 December 2010

  4. loved it


    2 May 2010

  5. loved it

    this book is reeeeeeeeeely good it is in my faveroute books. I read the first chapter and i just kept on reading the next time i looked at the time it was 11:00 at night! good job i wasnt at school the next day!!!

    1 April 2010

  6. okay

    Its really sad and i didnt enjoy as much as i thought it would :(

    19 December 2009

  7. loved it

    I think it is a really good book! I recommend it to people who are 8+. I think Jacqueline Wilson really did know what it was like to be followed around by a ghost of your best friend! I think this should be book of the year! I hope you vote it !

    13 December 2009

  8. loved it

    my friend let my read it over the holidays and i loved it its moving but at the same time nice. i Love this book i think everyone who likes the look of this book should go for it.

    10 November 2009

  9. loved it

    l did not like it at all …..... i loved . this book is fab

    28 October 2009

  10. loved it

    The book Vicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson is very unique compared to some other children/young adult’s books. Firstly, it contains a lot more sadness, shock and darkness than other books. Here is a brief plot: There are two girls called Vicky and Jade. Whilst Vicky is outgoing and strong-minded and popular, Jade is very quiet and prefers to suffer in silence. However, on their way home from school, Vicky and Jade are arguing. Vicky runs out onto the road and gets run over. Jade is very consumed with grief. Vicky comes back as a ghost but doesn’t have her wings. She follows Jade around and Jade gets annoyed with Vicky’s ghost sometimes.

        I found this book very emotional, humorous, sad, thrilling, shocking and unexpected. Whatever your taste in books, I recommend you read Vicky Angel because it has a little of everything in it. I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy this amazing page-turner!

    21 August 2009