All reviews for Crime Lab: Investigator Briefcase

  1. loved it

    I got this for christmas and Im going round getting everbody’s fingerprints ready for the next crime!

    25 February 2010

  2. i REALY REALY REALY whant to read this book but mum whont let me get it!!!!!! :( :( :(

    10 January 2010

  3. i am nagging my mum for this but at the moment it still isnt working

    28 June 2009

  4. rubbish

    not good

    23 May 2009

  5. loved it

    LOOOOOve iT

    11 May 2009

  6. The Crime Lab looks brilliant and has everything in it to be a real inspector!!

    19 November 2008

  7. liked it

    With this i founed out how robbed my cash

    3 May 2008