All reviews for Magic Kitten (Old Editions): Classroom Chaos

  1. loved it

    I couldn’t stop reading this book and I brought it to school every day I even got it in the school library!

    6 March 2015

  2. I liked this book, it is a good book for younger readers and has a puzzle in each book to get you looking for things throughout the book. Its a definite read for the younger readers.

    7 March 2014

  3. liked it

    Sooooo cute. This was the first magic kitten book I read and the best.

    2 March 2012

  4. liked it

    Sounds good so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 February 2012

  5. loved it

    it is magical

    6 March 2011

  6. loved it

    this book is the best!!

    27 October 2008