Ally's World #1: The Past, the Present and the Loud, Loud Girl

Think your family are fruitcakes? Meet the Love Children! There’s oh-so-perfect Linn (aged seventeen going on seventy), airy-fairy Rowan, who is always away with the fairies, and space-cadet little brother Tor. Oh yes – and Ally. The normal one. It’s not easy being normal when you live with a bunch of lovable weirdos in a house that’s a cross between an animal hospital and something out of the TV show Changing Rooms. And as if Ally’s family life wasn’t challenging enough, there’s also school – with an urgent history project, and a nasty new girl whom she has been ordered to look after!

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    5 July 2017

  • liked it

    It was okay. At the start you could really imagine her house and a little bit of her character but I don’t think this is for me!

    7 April 2016

  • Amazing book, would recommend 11+ :) It’s really enjoyable and funny like most other Karen McCombie’s books!!!

    19 May 2013

  • not for me

    i don’t really ike that kind of stuff

    9 December 2010

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    Karen McCombie

    Karen McCombie is the brilliant, best-selling author of the Ally’s World and Stella Etc. series, plus a number of titles for teenagers.

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