Mini Maestro: Magic Tricks

Hey presto! Conjure up a show to remember with sparky magic tricks to astound and amaze. This dazzling kit will teach you 18 ingenious tricks, and has all the special items you need to perform them! Get ready to make jaws drop with the breaking loose trick, stocks and shares trick, dotty dice trick, magic marker trick and many more. It’s time to get the magic touch!

This kit includes a hardback instruction book plus rope, dice, hoops, a wand and lots more magical apparatus.

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  • this is great i had never have it but i really want it

    6 March 2011

  • this is soo good gettin better doing the tricks

    3 March 2011

  • loved it

    i have read this its amazing my favourite tricks are the coin trick and the blanket and pencil/magic wand trick

    7 January 2011

  • This book is talking about magic. It teaches you magic words ana magic spells. And you will goin it.

    2 November 2009

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