All reviews for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

  1. loved it

    It’s so compelling and emotional. Such a deep story told so simply. I was gripped and by the end I was in tears. I definitely suggest reading this book!

    30 January 2017

  2. loved it

    So touching!!! I recommend this for 9 and up. John Boyne writes really great books!

    13 December 2016

  3. I loved this book made me cry

    8 March 2014

  4. loved it

    ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ is written by John Boyne.

    It is about a boy called Bruno who is moved from his perfect house in Berlin to Auschwitz. He has no one to play with until he finds a boy called Shmeul who is a Jew. Of course Bruno doesn’t know this. They become best friends as time goes on and eventually Shmeul asks Bruno to go under the fence to help him find his Father. Bruno doesn’t think anything unusual of it and goes under the fence….........................

    Written by : Emily

    24 April 2013

  5. touching and moving story, more for older readers. use insight to discover more about the war and people. my favrouite charecter was either shmuel (the jewish freind of brunos on the other side of the fence) or bruno himself as they are the best of freinds. its got a good moral of don’t mess with things that don’t concern you

    9 March 2013

  6. loved it

    love this book

    9 March 2013

  7. loved it

    This is a beautiful sad story that always makes me cry but i LOVED reading it

    9 March 2013

  8. I love this book it is soo sad and it moves my heart! I don’t really like the ending but thats a deatail! I will never forget it!

    21 September 2012

  9. loved it

    This book is so sad, but i loved it!!! this book just shows how terrible word war two was.

    2 September 2012

  10. loved it

    i loves this book i read it and whached the film

    24 January 2012