All reviews for Stick Man

  1. It was very good

    3 June 2019

  2. okay

    I loved stick man it was one of the best stories ever.I thought it was so sweet how he lost his children and his stick lady love.I liked the bit when stick man is in the fire and Santa saved him.When I was little I read this all the time so I would recommend it to small children .

    25 October 2016

  3. loved it


    15 June 2016

  4. I love stick man

    15 July 2015

  5. I loved this book when I little but I’m not a huge fan now.I would say it’s aimed at four-five.

    17 May 2015

  6. This book was really good i used to read it all the time at school when i was little so i recommend it for little children

    21 November 2014

  7. Liked this book . Got it at home .

    28 October 2014

  8. will stick man ever get back home?

    20 July 2014

  9. Little ones will adore this book. I read it to my little cousin (3) and he was squealing again again. This book will keep you little ones quiet for a few hours. Great.

    9 March 2014

  10. This is about a stick man who gets used for lots of different things like playing pooh sticks.

    9 March 2014