Pony Camp Diaries Pack

Welcome to Sunnyside Stables, and the pony holiday of your dreams! It’s time to get into the saddle – and inside the diaries of Megan, Sophie, Chloe, Poppy and Charlie. In their diaries, you can discover what it’s like to be at Pony Camp, and to have your own pony for a week! Each of the girls has her own reasons for coming, her own challenges to face – and her own gorgeous pony to befriend. But for girls who love horses and riding, there’s no better place to be!

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  • I love these books

    4 March 2013

  • loved it

    I have read every book in this seris and I really enjoyed them all. If you enjoy these try reading the next ones in the seris. Millie and Magic, Emily and Emerald. etc…

    23 October 2012

  • I loved this book! I have the entire collection and they are highly enjoyable.

    11 September 2011

  • loved it

    I love this book. It tells people about horses and it is great to read

    7 August 2009

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  • Kelly McKain

    Kelly McKain read English at Nottingham University. In 1996 she gained a 3-year Marketing Fellowship with WPP Group where she worked as part of a team to produce a wide range of children’s material. She completed an MA in Writing for Children at King Alfred’s College, Winchester and her MA novel, SECRETS, LIES AND LEILA, gained a distinction and won first prize in the 2001 Scholastic-sponsored new writing competition.

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