All reviews for Pony Pals: Detective Pony

  1. loved it

    k liek this is THE BEST BOOK IVE EFUR READ so like my bff (i mean not as big as my bfzy but like w/e) showed me this and liek i was al “this book is an EPIC FALI” then i was like tatolly redding it some more and (fyi i dont normlly read books i just go online and be an TOTAL MEGA HAXXOR but not realy) i was so moeved by the disperenece (diseperence* i think is hwo u spel it) of TEH CAT SHAWDOW!!! :( then acron goes on a amasing jorney 2 save teh cat (at this paint i wuz talking 2 janey and she was all “TOLD U IT WUZ AMAZING”) an… i dun wanna spoil teh ending like what if otter kids r reading it????? (a/u mai lips are sealed on et + ) so if u wanny read dis book go ride ahead. i D it and i wonna say thnx Dirk and Jarn 4 maeking me read this

    16 January 2012