7 Days

“You’re pathetic. RIP.” Ever got a note like that? Or sent one? Two girls – bully and victim – are locked into battle, hurtling towards a knock-out climax. Ouch. For Jess, school should be a refuge from her tough home life. Instead, thanks to bullying Kez, it’s a place of dread. Kez might be pretty and smart, but her life isn’t sweet. At least with every taunt, she can prove she’s better than Jess. Right…? At last: a book as tough as Noughts and Crosses, but right here and in your face. A reminder that every black cloud might have a silver lining. A story that makes you take sides, then shows the danger of choosing sides. Where do you stand? Cancel that Boxfit class: here’s reading that packs a real punch.

  • A searing tale of bullying by the author of Crush and Damage
  • Shocking, topical stuff from a writer with a powerful grasp of real-life issues
  • Ideal for fans of Annabel Pitcher, Chris Higgins and Jenny Downham
  • “A very good and highly relevant read for young teens” – Books For Keeps

This book contains mature content.

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