All reviews for Sleepover Case

  1. loved it

    i so wanna read this it looks brill plus i love sleepovers!!

    13 July 2012

  2. loved it

    “I love sleepovers so thats why i want to bye it im going to get it tomorow i realy like sleepover case” !!!

    17 May 2011

  3. okay

    I think It was great but i don’t know about all my other sisters.just kidding they loved it

    22 January 2011

  4. loved it

    it so girly

    15 January 2011

  5. i really want to read this

    3 October 2010

  6. i think it will be good fun for children under 7 i love the sound of the body stampers

    28 April 2009