All reviews for The Little White Horse

  1. loved it

    This is a very good fantastical book- its one i would never forget

    5 March 2014

  2. Beautifully written and full of description. I love all the characters. Amazing book.

    5 March 2014

  3. loved it

    Haven’t read the book the film is amazing it made me cry in the end (spoiler alert)

    7 August 2013

  4. the cover page is catching eye and the blurb is fantastic

    8 March 2013

  5. I read this book because I thought the front cover looked cool so I read it and didn’tenjoy as muh as I thought , not a really brilliant book but not bad either .

    6 March 2013

  6. This books really good. I really like it

    4 March 2013

  7. This is such a lovely book! It’s so beautifully written and I love the characters. Definitely recommend this one!

    4 March 2013

  8. This is a really good book, although the film was great the book was better. It is a magical tale and is the queen of writing J.K. Rowling’s favorite childhood book. This is a great book and is one of my favorites. Full of adventure, fantasy and lots of magic, i would recommend for ages 10+

    3 March 2012

  9. loved it

    When I first looked at this it was boring but when i read it it was amazing. And I found out I realated to Elizabeth Goudge!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 March 2012

  10. I haven’t read the book but i have watched the film and it is really good :D

    13 September 2011