Winnie's Flying Carpet

Can you think of a better present than a magic flying carpet? It would be great, wouldn’t it – except that the flying carpet that Winnie’s sisters have given her is so wayward! What can she write about it in her thank-you letter? It is always being naughty, zooming about and doing loop-the-loops! Winnie decides to give the carpet one last chance – but disaster strikes when it swoops off with Wilbur on board! Winnie tries to catch it, but the carpet is too fast… and it zooms off to the funfair and drags poor Wilbur onto a string of crazy rides. How on earth will Winnie rescue her beloved moggy? One, two, three… Abracadabra!

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  • Photo of Valerie Thomas

    Valerie Thomas

    Valerie Thomas is the author of the Winnie the Witch books and celebrated 25 years of the much loved character in 2012!


    Winnie the Witch, written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by Korky Paul, won the Red House Children’s Book Award in 1988.

  • Awards

    Korky has won the Red House Children’s Book award for Winnie the Witch and The Rascally Cake.

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