The Tracy Beaker Journal 2009

Want to make 2009 your most thrilling year yet? Want to spend it with heaps of outrageous fun and fabulous dares to do? Tearaway Tracy Beaker can help! Her livewire journal is jumping with puzzles, quizzes, wisecracks and sassy Tracy comments to crack you up. And as talented Tracy says: “Although this journal is all about ME, I’ve generously allowed you some space to write down your own thoughts, ideas and dreams, likes, dislikes and loads more!”

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  • rubbish

    I’ve got this at home but never use it! LOL

    3 March 2011

  • loved it

    Great It Looks It Anyway

    22 November 2008

  • loved it

    this book looks so good i have seen it in shops and the tracy beaker jornal has been on ofer in all the shops ive been in, such as asda,sansburys and all that sort of stuff i think you write about your day in this book

    3 November 2008

  • liked it

    Demi age 9

    i liked this very much it was a bit funny

    1 November 2008

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